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Tree guards are your trees’ best friends!

EcoCrews Tree Guards

These barriers are essentials to protect young trees against animal damage, invasive weeds, frost, and herbicide spray. But remember, tree guards are like training wheels, they should be removed after a certain time to avoid restricting growth.

Install guards right after planting and secure the bamboo stakes tightly (but not too tight) and deep into the ground to prevent collapsing. Proper installation is key! Loose guards can collapse, while tight ones may choke your growing tree.

Remove the guards entirely once the sapling splits (usually 3-5 years), letting your trees thrive independently.

For further success, you should lift the tree guards every six months to inspect and clear away any critters or natural debris around the base of the young tree. Using biodegradable guards is preferred for an eco-friendly touch.

To find out more about this project, contact Jane Enright- Rosedale Landcare Coordinator on 0409 318 668.

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